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Why You Should Use Bamboo Instead Of Plastic


We use plastic bottles, plastic, and food packaging almost every day, often as “disposable items”. Together with paper waste, plastic fibers and particles from clothing and cosmetics, plastic particles are released into the environment via waste disposal and sewage treatment plants. As a microplastic, it is distributed on our earth, for a long time undiscovered even in the expanse of the oceans. Ultimately, microplastics ends up in our bodies through the food chain and harms our health.



Replacement of plastic with alternatives from renewable raw materials.For example bamboo instead of plastic, cork instead of plastic as well as wood or leather articles, as listed below. We help consumers to choose sustainable products for everyday use.



There are already alternatives to many articles made of plastic for everyday use. Such as toothbrushes, cotton swabs or wipes. which are made of renewable raw materials such as bamboo, cork or leather. Their use is the first meaningful step towards plastic and waste prevention for everyone.


And the use of sustainable products in everyday life gives us a good feeling. For example, the use of ” bamboo instead of plastic ” articles can also encourage friends and acquaintances to imitate and drive the concept of plastic saving and reduction of microplastics.

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