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Our Mission

We are glad that you are interested in our movement! At Bamboo Hearts, we take our planet very seriously – just like you.

OUR MISSION is to serve the planet with great-looking, no-nonsense, reusable BAMBOO drinking straws, cups, bottles, mugs, tumblers, kitchenware, fashion products and accessories that meet the highest standards for health, safety, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. Our durable products offer viable eco-friendly alternatives to single-use disposables. All our products are reusable and compostable. Our rallying cry is “Refill Don’t Landfill.”

WE FOCUS on premium-quality reusable and recyclable BAMBOO WOOD drinking straws, food and beverage containers, utensils and accessories that conserve resources, reduce energy consumption, minimize landfill waste, and benefit human health over the course of their long life cycle.

WE BUILD product to last using materials and production processes that are less detrimental to the environment, and that protect the health of humans, wildlife and our natural world.

WE COMBINE the variety and service of a B2B wholesale supplier with the soul and style of a consumer brand.

WE TEST our products to be free of BPA, Phthalates, lead, zinc, and other nasty toxins. All merchandise is FDA approved, California Prop 65 compliant, and safe enough to be used by our own loved ones everyday.

WE RECOGNIZE the importance of workers rights and screen our suppliers to meet criteria for responsible and ethical production. Our Supplier Code of Conduct, modeled on the Fair Labor Association’s Code of Conduct, sets the standards for our global manufacturing partners.

WE BELIEVE that respecting the earth is aligned with bottom-line business economics. We are a Certified Green Business, a member of Green America, an active member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition and collaborator with many other eco activist organizations, and are committed to the mission and values of the broader sustainability movement.

WE COLLABORATE with organizations seeking to make a positive impact on society through good corporate citizenship, environmental stewardship, ethical sourcing, and integrity. We meet the strict environmental, social compliance, diversity, non-discrimination, and equal benefits requirements to be certified as a preferred vendor for the most discerning corporate, non-profit and institutional buyers.

WE CREATE long-term relationships and strive to deliver more than our customers expect — including a laugh when it’s needed.

WE COMMIT to helping create a more sustainable world that is ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just, and well hydrated.