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Bamboo Products: An Everyday Essential

What are the bamboo products?

You can protect the environment right from your home, and decorate using the most eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo. Daily necessities like knife holder, tissue box, bamboo basket, toothpick, dish drainer, chopsticks, chopstick cage, cutting board, bamboo mat, coasters, bamboo products, curtains, etc. Bamboo crafts: bamboo leaves, bamboo weaves, bamboo root crafts, bamboo carving crafts, bamboo fans, etc. Furniture: bamboo and rattan furniture, bamboo sofa, bamboo wardrobe, bamboo computer desk, bamboo bookcase, bamboo shoe rack, bamboo shoe bench, bamboo office furniture, etc.

Construction materials: bamboo trays, bamboo lines, bamboo floors, etc.

Benefits of bamboo products

  1. Bamboo has automatic adjustment and temperature maintenance, and it does not produce heat, and it is hot in the winter and cool in the summer.
  2. The vision of health care. The bamboo texture is designed to absorb ultraviolet light, and the color is elegant, soft and warm, which is beneficial for human vision and can reduce the occurrence of myopia.
  3. Bamboo itself has the function of acoustic absorption, sound insulation, lowering of sound pressure and shortening of residual time.
  4. Curing Bamboo at high temperature completely destroys pathogens like aphids, bacteria, and mildew from it, that otherwise would cause asthma and allergies.
  5. Bamboo is the same as human beings, and bamboo spinning regularly has irregularities. The natural color of the bamboo and the special texture are like the poet Su Dongpo of the Song Dynasty. “It is better to eat without meat, not to live without bamboo”. Natural materials are a symbol of elegance and value. It has a natural aroma, a beautiful bamboo texture and also emits fresh and fragrant gas, which is good for physical and mental health.

Why bamboo

Billions of plastic items travel every year to our oceans and our dumps. It’s a big problem.

Small actions that we do every day like brushing your teeth, drinking with a straw, eating with forks and disposable plastic spoons can have a huge impact on our ecological system.

Did you know that on average, each person throws 4 plastic toothbrushes every year? And the world’s population uses 500 million straws a day?

It’s a lot of plastic that pollutes our planet unnecessarily.

Why not make a simple and affordable choice that can really make a tangible difference? Count on us! Our bamboo products are made from a  highly renewable resource that is 100% biodegradable and antimicrobial.

Our bamboo is perfect for the toothbrushes that are normally found in bathrooms ( these places are full of germs! ) for our mouths.

Small actions, performed daily, can have a significant impact on our ecological system, making the future of our planet much brighter.

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