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Shopping Without Plastic – No Problem!

With a bit of preparation and planning, it’s really easy to shop unpacked and plastic-free. Even spontaneous purchases are then easily possible. As? A basic set of containers and bags, as well as the good old shopping list, make it possible. If you have a zero waste shop near you, it’s even easier to get most of the staple foods and often much more unpacked.

Markets are generally more relaxed than supermarkets when it comes to the use of specially brought containers.

I also get olives on the market, and I also take a jar with me. That was one of the biggest gains, because the small plastic containers you get on the market were often leaking and my bag was completely oiled until I got home. To counteract this, they also wrapped the plastic container in a plastic bag. Therefore today only with vessel and I forgot it, there are olives from the supermarket from the glass. But it happens very rarely now, after all, I know when I go to the market. That really worked very well.

Of course, I buy my vegetables only plastic-free, on the market I’ll give it to me directly and pack it in my bike basket, backpack or my cloth bag, depending on how I’m traveling. If I shop in the supermarket, the same applies – only the handle to the unpacked vegetables and fruits and everything packed in the bag brought. Preferably I buy German products, but sometimes I succumb to the hunger for a mango or a pineapple.

For all basic foods such as pasta, rice, cereal, soup powder, lentils and much more, the Zero Waste store offers a great range. My parents in a small town in the Black Forest do not have such a shop, but even here a short search has almost brought me to the same goal. Because there is a city mill that sells all grain on request or directly unpacked. If you take a look around, you will be surprised how many options there are to buy most products unpackaged and plastic-free.

You can get yogurt in a pestle glass, with butter it gets harder and it depends on the offer in your area. Do you live in the countryside near a farm, you can get unpacked or determined in the glass, as well as in many unpacked shops. If this is not possible, do not worry, because if you take all other tips into account here, you will already avoid 80% of the kitchen waste.

Incidentally, I did not buy any new jars because I had so many glass jars of olives, yogurts and other foods that I used them.

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