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Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

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  • Item Type: Toothbrush
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Material: Natural Bamboo fiber
  • Size: 21 cm

12 reviews for Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

  1. Susie Clark

    These are perfect. Bristles feel fine, are full, and do not fall apart as I’ve read some reviews that said the negative in these areas and were not the case for me and I’m on my third toothbrush now. No problems. Even with the two old toothbrushes, I use one to clean my battery terminals on my vehicle and the other to use stain remover for clothing. Those toothbrushes are still intact and good for those second purposes! Long product life and can take a beating. I found these after becoming aware of the negative impacts with plastic and love how these are natural and biodegradable, along with the packaging. What we do with our money is how we can ‘vote’ to better the environment since our system is failing us in this. Try them out! It’s basically a year supply.

  2. Abbie Baker

    this year, i am revamping many aspects of my life. one things is that i want to use more natural products all around. switching from non recyclable , landfill promoting plastic to all natural bamboo toothbrushes is one of my changes. i ordered these just before the new year and switched on January 1st. today is January 5th so it has not been long, but i can surely give a review. one thing i like about this particular set is they come numbered one to 4 so that if more than one person in your house is going to use them, you can tell which one is yours. i love just knowing that the main part of the tooth brush is from an all natural, sustainable material. the bristles are just below medium, i would say. they are stiffer than soft, but not as stiff as medium. right now, i am using mine with Dr Bronners toothbrush. i feel like they could clean a little bit better but i have a feeling that will change when i switch over to my Earth Paste. i used a trial of Earth Paste and i felt like i had just had a cleaning at the dentist. it feels awesome! i highly recommend it! the other thing i like is that they come in recyclable packaging. no plastic inside! this is truly a company that has thought about their impact on the planet. BRAVO! i will continue to buy these.

  3. Esther Massey

    These toothbrushes are really nice. They came individually packaged for easy storage. Getting used to the wood taste while brushing took a couple days, but wasn’t overwhelming. Bristles are very soft and none have come out so far. Very pleased with the price – plastic toothbrushes cost much more in the store! If you found my review helpful, please click Yes below! 🙂

  4. Brandon Horton

    I have decided to start making more eco friendly choices when shopping so decided to try these bamboo toothbrushes. I absolutely love them! The toothbrush feels comfortable in my mouth and makes my teeth feel really clean. I was a little worried about how a bamboo toothbrush would feel in my mouth compared to a plastic one and though it does feel a little different, it really doesn’t seem to make a difference. I will definitely be buying these toothbrushes again and am thinking of buying them for one of my sons as well.

  5. Rachel Davidson

    The best Iv tried! Not too soft

  6. Susie Reese

    The pictures explain why I gave this product 1 star. After a month of using this toothbrush, I had to get rid of it. This product is waste of money.. not zero waste … sorry for the comment but this is the truth. I don’t want people eat plastic while they brush their teeth

  7. Derrick Watkins

    These toothbrushes are fabulous! I can’t speak highly enough about them. Perfect adult size tooth brush … not too stiff not too soft. The handle fits nicely in your hands. So much nicer than plastic! I highly recommend

  8. Aaron French

    I bought these for my kids and I. We love the feel of the soft bristles and the beautiful wooden handle. They are numbered so that you always know which one is yours!

  9. Dustin Barnett

    These toothbrushes are just what I was looking for. They are totally compostable and ship with no plastic. Our family of 4 loves the numbers so we know which one belongs to each of us.

  10. Marvin Bush

    Just received these last week and so far so good. I love the eco-friendly packaging, and buying them in a pack of four is so convenient. The bamboo handle is a little hard to get used to after using plastic for so long, but it’s worth it. The bristles are soft which is nice.

  11. Juan Flowers

    These toothbrushes are strong, perhaps too strong for my sensitive gums (I use a soft brush), took me a while to get used to the hard bristles. Then I switched to an electric toothbrush because I struggle to brush as much as I should. Now I use these when I travel or during my break at work and notice since I no longer use them consistently they really do a number leaving sores in my mouth for days at a time and causing the corners of my lips to break out. I think the corner of the lips break out from the rubbing the wooden handle does when I’m brushing the back teeth. I’m happy to see environmentally friendly products out there in the mainstream but I can’t say I LOVE them as much as I first did after realizing how much better the electric toothbrush does even if it’s not as eco-friendly. Maybe they should team up with the big brands and make a wowe bamboo electric version, or at least the changeable brush tips. Worth purchasing at least once, give it a try.

  12. Hester Martinez

    I’m extremely happy with this product. My primary reason for purchasing this product is it being eco-friendly and inexpensive. I love that there are four in the package, so that I don’t need to stock up anytime soon and can switch to a new one when needed. This is surprisingly a very effective toothbrush. I feel like I’m getting a great clean without irritating my gums and cramping my hand. The brush is lightweight and comfortable to hold and use. Will definitely purchase more when I run out!

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