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Bamboo Wood Comb

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  • Item Type: Comb
  • Size: 13.5*2.8 cm
  • Material: Bamboo Wood

6 reviews for Bamboo Wood Comb

  1. Edith Wilson

    First, let me mention the one con: there’s a chemical smell, which I assume is from the finish on the wood. I’m sure it will clear up, and since I use this comb to get in and out in a hurry, I don’t really mind the smell, so long as it is indeed temporary. I have pretty fine and frankly overgrown hair. Since I switched from a Con-Air plastic comb to this guy, tangles come right out, and my hair breakage has gone to almost zero. I spent a long time looking at all the wooden combs on Amazon, but the right choice was really easy. If you have finer hair, buy this comb. You’ll be glad you did!

  2. Howard Mcdonald

    I have a big beard, a little longer than fist length. This comb is amazing. Very rarely does it snag a hair. The wood is nice and thicker than I thought which is good, it feels very durable. No static or anything, just a nice comb for your hair and beard. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

  3. Caroline Sullivan

    I bought this comb for my husband as a surprise while I was out of town. The packaging based on the image was definitely part of the reason I selected this comb over others. I was hoping that it would keep the comb long term as it is used. I haven’t given the the comb to my husband yet but it seems sturdy and of good quality. I am sure he will really like the comb. Although this seems petty, I was really hoping the case the comb came in was one it could be stored in. However, it was flimsy and taped shut, the comb is loosely placed in the box. Their logo is beautiful and the comb itself seems very nice; I just wish the box it came in was up to par. It may not matter to most but those kinds of things matter to me especially because the box was part of the image in which the comb is advertised.

  4. Loretta Bishop

    although the comb is nice, after a few months ine of the teth got broken; no unusual use, just comb my beard once a day. Just wish it last at least a year

  5. Lee Bates

    this is probably the best beard comb i’ve ever used. it is better made than most, and with a thicker handle to hold on to. i would recommend that the company makes to models, the same comb with every other tooth missing. Us fellows with really long beards really need two combs, one just like this and than a bigger gapped tooth comb. only the guys with beards over 6 inches are going to like the larger comb.

  6. Sean Phelps

    There’s something ridiculously soothing about using this comb in lieu of the plastic comb I was using prior. It feels like quality construction, it fits comfortably in my hand. The angle was a nice touch; gives the comb character. Hands down, will buy another one immediately if I lose this one. (Side note: It even smells nice, which I never thought I’d say bout a comb and YES, I smelled it BEFORE I put it through my hair.)

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