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Bamboo Soap Case

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  • Material: Bamboo Wood

9 reviews for Bamboo Soap Case

  1. Georgia Wong

    Light weight. Great quality!

  2. Charlie Newman

    Very unique soap dish and i like the wooden materials that they used for really awesome that it could be easy to clean.will recomended this one

  3. Donald Matthews

    I’ve been around and around with various soap savers and so far, this is the one I’ve settled on. I use it in the shower and rinse it off a couple times a week to keep it sparkling.

  4. Maurice Cooper

    Since I make and use bar soap I need a proper soap holder. I tried some really adorable soap dishes that look vintage or that look like clawfoot bathtubs. The trouble with those is that there are no holes for the water to get out and so we ended up with mushy soggy soaps. This one has the slats so the water can drain down the side of the sink. We’ll have to wipe up the sink from the residue but at least the soap doesn’t get ruined. It looks nice and since neutral matches all the rooms in our house.

  5. Leroy Scott

    If you are looking for something nice looking to compliment your already decorated bathroom; these will match all bathroom decor. I now having been using natural soaps that I buy for famers markets and festivals from local people starting their own at home soap making companies. I have received compliments and I enjoy my soap having a spot. This type is also great because its open at the bottom so your soap doesn’t get gooie at the bottom.

  6. Aiden Watts

    I really like these soap dishes. However I do wish that the inner part was not so curved in. It makes it awkward to hold bigger, square homemade soaps bars. So what I did was turn them over and used the other side. Other than that they are made very nicely, they are sturdy, smooth and I like the stain color on them. I just hope that they do not grow any mold. Other than what I have stated about them being too deeply curved downward they are great. But like i stated, just using the other side of them works great. I would love to see these without any curvature to them. Overall I am happy with my purchase. Update: I do not like the way that my natural bar soaps stick to these like glue. When prying my soap off of it a slither of wood was stuck to the soap and on one end of the soap a bunch of my soap stayed stuck on the wood. I also noticed the discoloration on my soap from the dish. This is not acceptable. Not happy at all with this purchase. UPDATE: Seller was very easy to work with and rectified this in a quick manner.

  7. Leona Alvarez

    We purchased these to cradle our new found love of handmade bar soaps. Love the look of these and they hold the soap well. You will have to rinse it every couple of days to keep clean but probably no more than any other soap dish. The slats do allow excess water to run off and not build up under the soap. The only downside is that it’s a bit oversized and does not fit on my sink very well. Since all sinks are different, not sure how often this is a problem for people. My sink is very standard and I have to make sure this sits a particular way to avoid falling. If it were a tad smaller I could give it 5 stars.

  8. Eva Floyd

    These things are super lightweight, and completely functional to keep my all-natural soaps from wasting away in pools of water. They have a very elegant and natural appearance as well, which is a bonus.

  9. Eric Rowe

    I bought these as temporary soap dish because they were cheap and matched well with my bathroom. I assumed that since they were cheap that they would fall apart within a month or two. I’ve had them for about 5 months and am still waiting for them to disintegrate. I even found the ones that were to replace them when they broke. The replacements, which are marble, are still sitting in their box.The only drawback to the wooden dish is the fact that the wet soap drips through the slats and makes a mess underneath the dish since the do not have a bottowm. But, since I use these for the showers soap, cleaning up is a snap. I’m very happy with this purchase and will edit this when they do break.

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