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Bamboo Charcoal Bristle Toothbrush

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  • Item Type: Toothbrush
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Size: 18.5cm (7.3in)
  • Product weight: 11g

12 reviews for Bamboo Charcoal Bristle Toothbrush

  1. Alberta Mcguire

    These are my very first set of eco friendly toothbrushes. I am confident to say that I am considering to continue to support bamboo brushes. I was skeptical at first, as eco friendly products at times dwindle in quality that we’re accustomed to minimize impact to the environment. These toothbrushes, however, are not the case. The quality feels very high. The bamboo finish is very smooth and slick. It’s very lightweight but also very strong and sturdy. It doesn’t bend as many plastic toothbrushes often do. The bristles also surprised me. I had the impression it wouldn’t hold up to my rigorous brushing habits on a daily bases. They hold up quite well. These are soft bristles rather than firm. Soft are supposed to be better for your teeth and enamel. The only con, which doesn’t really matter to me now, is the size of the brush head. It is smaller than what I was used to using. After about a week of use, I got accustomed to the head size. I still get a great quality cleaning, so that did not impact my score at all. Overall, I do highly recommend these. It is a great way to reducing the use of plastics. I never considered the impact plastic toothbrushes have on the environment. If every person goes through several brushes a year, that is an insane amount of plastic causing havoc to our planet and ocean. This is a great product to support in doing your part to reducing the use of plastic.

  2. Jerry Singleton

    Just got it and I love this Bamboo Toothbrush!

  3. Mitchell Gonzales


  4. Carrie Fitzgerald

    These biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes are going to change your smile and the world one toothbrush at a time! I am a dental hygienist I had an environmental engineer patient challenge me the other week to live a more plastic-free lifestyle, so she told me about Kooler Things bamboo toothbrushes. I ordered an 8 pack off of Bamboo Hearts and each toothbrush comes out to be about $1.50, which is less than a plastic brush from the drugstore! Did y’all know that 850 million toothbrushes are sent to landfills each year?! And it is guesstimated that it takes 400 years for these toothbrushes to decompose? Yikes! My teeth feel super slick and clean after using this toothbrush and my environmental engineer patient also had great hygiene after solely using these toothbrushes. So, I challenge you to try to live more plastic free and make the switch to bamboo toothbrushes! You won’t be disappointed!

  5. Jorge Briggs

    These brushes are great quality and eco-friendly at a great price! The 2 boxes are plastic wrapped together somewhat pointlessly. I realize the small amount of plastic used is tremendously less than the packaging of single pack toothbrushes from every other brand, just thought I’d warn zero waste folks!

  6. Lulu Gilbert

    There are a lot of reviews about bristles falling out or the wood splintering and hurting, BUT I have not had any of these issues. I bought late December 2018 and it is now April 2nd. I just switched myself and the two kids (9+6) to new brushes. I felt like it was time based on how poorly my kids care for their things, and less because it was needed. They have not complained, and the brushes did not even look that bad. I use a toothpaste that really builds up on the bristles, however, these brushes were much easier to maintain in that regard and did NOT build up like my old plastic ones! (The kids had more build up but they don’t rinse the brush well. Still was not bad.) I really fell in love with using these. They feel much better than plastic ones, and I realpy just overall prefer them at this point! The first use is a little weird, cause it is wood, but after a few uses, it improves and you don’t even notice, so give it a good try and use a few times before making a full judgement. I still have 2 brushes left, and will definitely order more in about 3-4 months when we will be closer to switching out again. I do wish there was an easier way to tell between the brushes than the small hard to read number. I plan on using some 100% cotton yarn and tying a bit around the handle, different colors for each of us. Highly recommend these!

  7. Nancy Cummings

    Do you feel the crushing weight of pollution killing our Earth every day? I didn’t for most of my life. But as I got older, and you know… news/awareness rose, I began to think a lot about my carbon footprint. I’m not perfect, but I have taken baby steps to improve sustainability. So I started with a toothbrush. This toothbrush, to be exact. It’s great! My teeth are clean (says my dentist), and I’ve been using this product for more than 2 years. The bristles are nice and soft (soft is better- slows down the wearing of your gums and I have a particularly hard grip when I brush). And it will compost!!! I replace mine every two months with a clearer conscience. I want my kids to one day have an Earth, too. Would highly recommend.

  8. Cody Reese

    I’ve got one of those fancy ultrasonic toothbrushes so I wasn’t in the market for actual dental hygiene products when I bought these. I always keep some toothbrushes on hand for cleaning equipment, tools, hard to reach places and such. I saw these and thought they were an interesting idea so I bought a couple boxes. They worked fine – strong handles, bristles clean well and stay attached. At some point I got curious about actually brushing my teeth with them so I tried one out and was pleasantly surprised. I’m sure my ultrasonic brush is somehow superior but I find myself reaching for these most of the time. The certainly beat the pants of any non-electric toothbrush I’ve ever used. The bristles kind of rub against your teeth in a way that regular nylon/plastic ones don’t. Feels good and cleans the gunk off your teeth really well. Give ‘em a shot!

  9. Irene Sanchez

    I wanted to get these to reduce my plastic waste. I am pleased that they dont have the plastic wrapping. Everything came in paper boxes. The look is super cute. It is not 100% compostable due to the nylon so youll have to pull them out. Overall its better for the environment so it is worth the purchase.

  10. Willie Cook

    I bought these at the end of 2018 since I now only use bamboo toothbrushes and I just ran out. The toothbrushes themselves are nice, a little smaller than the ones I’m used to but they’re nice! They’re a good value for the money. My only complaint is that the two boxes came wrapped in un-recyclable shrink wrap plastic, which felt counter-intuitive. In the future, I think it would be nice if all eight toothbrushes could be put inside the same box, or the two boxes of four toothbrushes could be put into another recyclable cardboard box.

  11. Alan Schultz

    These are really great! They seem to be super good quality, the bristles dont fall out and the wood doesnt effect taste or come off in your mouth. The only thing is i wouldnt store these in a typical toothbrush holder because the wood absorbs water at the bottom. The bottom actually started turning black but it doesnt look like mold. There was also someone doing construction in my bathroom so im just hoping that is what caused it. But so far, everything about it is great!

  12. Louisa Banks

    These brushes are great quality and eco friendly with a great price! The 2 boxes are plastic wrapped together somewhat pointlessly. I realize the small amount of plastic used is tremendously less than the packaging of single pack toothbrushes from every other brand, just though I’d warn zero waste folks!

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