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Bamboo Activated Charcoal Bag

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  • Activated Carbon Type: Activated Carbon Bags
  • Color: Random
  • Size: 17*7.5 cm/6.69*2.95

13 reviews for Bamboo Activated Charcoal Bag

  1. Austin Vargas

    We normally do not have any pets. I am keeping my sister’s dog for the holiday while her family travels. The dog sleeps in the office and after only 2 days, the “dog” smell was really getting to me. He’s a big slobbery thing and all I could smell when I went into the office was DOG. So I ordered this, having successfully used activated charcoal in other products. Got it yesterday in the mail. Opened it up and left it on my desk in my office overnight. I woke up this morning to let the dog out. Usually when I open the office door, I get hit in the face with dog smell. This morning? Nothing. Nothing at all. It was amazing. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Leroy Coleman

    I have to say I was a little skeptical about this product when I saw it, but decided to give it a try. I ordered 2 & when they arrived last week, I put one in the room that always seems to be a problem, no matter how often I clean it…the room our kitty litter boxes are in. Within hours, the lingering scents of fresh & old cat litter was gone & in the morning, after a night of use by the our 3 cats, there still was no noticeable odor at all. I am impressed & will be ordering a couple more for our home.

  3. Winnie Waters

    This stuff really works! We had a mouse infestation in our basement this winter and after we had eliminated all the little critters, we were left with a funky smell. I cleaned and cleaned, but really, we need the dryness of summer to help. In the meantime, one packet has taken care of the vast majority of the smell. So glad I took the chance.

  4. Kevin Knight

    I was a huge skeptic and didn’t these bags would have any effect of a constant musty odor in my car… I was wrong and in a matter of a couple days they nearly eliminated the smells. I’m sold on having these around. I’ve got some storage totes that I place my camping gear in and I’m start using them in there as well. Enjoy

  5. Lula Lucas

    If you ever want to experience a fresh smelling room obtain and utilize this product. We use it on our enclosed cat litter boxes with small vents on top. We place a bag on top of the vent and we forgot we had smelly cat litter boxes in the room! THIS STUFF WORKS!!!

  6. Adam James

    I have previously bought two of these to sit by the cat’s litter box – they work great. We acquired another rescue, so I have order two more. Easy to ‘recharge’. I just sit in the window that gets bright sunlight during the winter. I throw them on the porch in bright sunlight during the summer.

  7. Mathilda Fowler

    All I can say is “Wow”! I purchased this to put in my husband’s bathroom because it seemed to always have a musty, mildew smell due to some water damage we had a while back. I was skeptical, but decided to take a chance on this product and boy I’m glad I did. It has been sitting on the bathroom counter for 4 days now and the smell is completely gone! I will be buying this again for sure!

  8. Glenn Poole

    for some time, guests would awake with a headache in the guestroom. Everything has been scoured, but still don’t know what it is. Recently I had occasion to sleep in the guest room when painting the master suite. I woke the first morning with an aching sinus and yes, a headache ensued. The MOSO arrived that day. I hung one on the headboard. That night the air felt comfortable to breathe (I know that sounds odd), but like being- by-a-waterfall-like comfortable. No headache the following day. At the office, we’ve had mildew issues for all the years I’ve worked there. We put one in each of our spaces. Though not entirely gone, it is MUCH improved there too.

  9. Leo Baldwin

    I was totally skeptical that this would work, but whatever magic is in this bag can definitely clear up odors. My garbage bin in the garage was smelling really bad, and it was starting to spread its stank through the whole garage. I placed this bag next to the garbage bin, and within two days, the smell in the entire garage was completely gone. It’s not a critical part of my garage and helps keep the smelly garbage stank controlled.

  10. Warren Cummings

    They work!!! These charcoal bags are the best odor removers I’ve ever used! I quit smoking a few months back and no matter how much I cleaned the smell lingered. I bought 3 of these bags and they actually have completely removed any trace of smoke!!! Very, very satisfied with this wonderful product!

  11. Effie Burgess

    I was a little surprised when this item arrived that it had been packed in a plastic bag and was slightly damp and smelled a little mildewy. Knowing that it would soon clean up I rinsed it out and hung it in the sun for a few days and now it is fine. I’ve bought charcoal pouches from several companies and this is the only one that had any odor.

  12. Michael Schwartz

    My dog’s kennel is right next to my closet. I was concerned it was giving my clothes an unpleasant smell. Within 24 hours of putting the neutralizer bag in the closet, I noticed my closet smelled cleaner. I’m sold and I recommend it.

  13. Violet Webb

    This little bag of activated coal is everything I could have hoped for. Rather than use it in the car, it goes into my gym bag and stays with my stinky gym clothes in the locker at work until I go home. It has already saved my clothes from the eternal stink of being stuffed in a bag all day and growing mildew. Love it!

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