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Environmental Protection – What We Can Do?

Pollution, climate change, coral extinction, drinking water shortage. Issues such as sustainability, environmental and climate protection are more relevant than ever. But what should we change concretely? What can we do?

Were we can do? The key word here is: thinking sustainably. Unlike the motto “after me the deluge,” we should strive not to wasteful deal with the resources of the earth. The behavior must, therefore, change a social change towards sustainability. However, this change process includes everyone: companies, states, science, but also ourselves.


Ok, even if it’s great, but it’s not about radically renouncing everything that could be harmful to the environment. Rather, it’s about rethinking, being creative, how we can produce the things we need and use, greener and more sustainable. This change will not happen overnight, but we can start doing it as well as we can now.

But the very first thing is: Are we ready for a certain amount of change in life? We have to know one thing: sooner or later we will not get around it. We got used to a lot of things and thought that things could go on forever. We have avoided looking beyond our own nose. We did not want to notice the consequences of our lifestyle. Change of life is probably also a renunciation of certain things. Yes, that can hurt. But let’s be honest, do we really need to have all the things we believe to have?

Become concrete

Think sustainable, beautiful and good. But is not that a common talk again, and ultimately nothing happens again, because nobody knows exactly what to do in practice? It should not stay that way. So how can YOU act in a concrete way?

1st step: self-check
How do I behave, what are my habits? In which areas can I actually change something in order to live in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way? For example transport, energy, and electricity, grocery shopping, toiletries, clothing, stationery, furniture, garbage, and laundry.

Step 2: Act
After good analysis and mature intentions, it is also important to put it into practice. This means, for example, Targeted buying or selling products.


Make a big difference at breakfast

Especially when shopping for food it is easy to take a step towards sustainability. Here you can make sure that the products have been produced environmentally friendly: The ingredients should be natural, with little chemistry and without the use of mineral fertilizers, chemical synthetic pesticides, genetic engineering and other additives that your organism and nature are not good. The products should also not have a long transport path behind them. Ideally, they come from your country or region. So you could think about what you like to eat for breakfast and which food you buy. Maybe take it to the family council. It may not require a big change to buy sustainable products here.

You can change much more than you think. Any grip on food is a clear signal to the economy. With each purchase, you determine the direction of the assortment. This can be seen by way of example of the organic products: In the past, hardly anyone attached importance to organically produced products, but over time, it became increasingly important to consumers to buy organic and sustainable, so that now almost no grocery store can do without organic products.

Who can afford it?

Of course, this question raises the question of cost over and over again. Obviously, sustainable products are sometimes more elaborate and therefore more expensive. Is this all affordable? What if I do not have that much money? But that’s exactly where we have to learn to rethink. What do we spend our money on? Do I perhaps forego other things, for example, to be able to buy more sustainable food that is really vital? It depends on what is important to us. And by the way: Sustainable is also much healthier for your own body.

Of course, there are the usual little things that cost no money but just a bit more effort. For example, you can be careful not to produce too much garbage, instead of taking a plastic bag with you for shopping or instead of going by bike to the store. These are certainly all small things, but these are not in vain, because we change our attitude with it.

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