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About Us

Bamboo Hearts is a premium bamboo wood products brand from the USA. All our products are inspired by nature. Each Bamboo Hearts product, toiletries, tableware, kitchenware and everything else, has its own unique edge. The natural bamboo wood elements are a combination of traditional craftsmanship and exceptional design.

Our products naturally showcase the beautiful grain patterns and colorful layers similarly seen in skateboard designs and allow the user to make a bold style statement.

Our vision is to create products that not only embody our passion for design and innovation using natural bamboo materials, but that also makes a difference by inspiring us to think differently, push our limits and live in more authentic, spontaneous and sustainable ways.

Not only will you be saving the planet, but you’ll also be saving your sanity. Stop experiencing guilt every time you are served in plastic, or by looking at every little plastic product in your home. The fact that our organic products look so great (and are simply adorable) is a bonus!

Since the launch of our original Bamboo Hearts toothbrush line back in 2015, we’re honoured to have received multiple awards. Still – that was just the beginning. We are still inspired to do great things with bamboo, through our humble brand created by #zerowaste lovers, for #zerowaste lovers.

Your bamboo hearts products are designed to last a lifetime, but much like any other product made from nature, it does require your care:

  • Handle with care Probably an obvious one, but unfortunately, our products are not immune to heavy falls or repeated knocks, this will cause cracks, splits or scuff the toothbrush, plates, and bowls and may render them unsafe to use.
  • Extend the lifetime: Oiling your bamboo kitchenware and tableware keeps the wood supple and moisturized.
  • Think of it as your skin: the more it’s exposed to the elements (water), the more it becomes scaly and dry, eventually leading to cracking and splitting. A generous application of oil conditions the wood, and repeated application saturates the layers, keeping the wood resilient and providing a natural luster.
  • Washing and storing: Our products are hand-wash only and not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave. The good news is bamboo is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial so warm soapy water is all you need. When washing, please be sure to dry the product in full. Much like any other natural product exposed to the elements of water and air over an extended period of time, you do not want to encourage mildew by leaving your products wet or for kept in prolonged soaking.
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